Shotblasting & Grinding of concrete

We have machines that can remove adhesive residue, epoxy coatings, underlayment compounds. We can also use this method in the cleaning of new and old floors concrete surfaces to be able to install a sealer or epoxy coating.  Shotblasting  & concrete grinders can be used to remove curing compound from new concrete slabs prior to the installation of floor coverings which is in most cases recommended by the manufacturers.  Shotblasting is one of the best ways to ensure a quality bond between the existing old or new concrete and the new flooring, thus leaving the flooring ready for almost any application of coating or overlays.  In some case we may find that a grinder can be used to remove coating, and also prep for a new flooring covering.

Dust collection:  We use the state of the art dust collectors which reduce airborne dust and particulate to provide a cleaner work environment.  The Dust collectors are designed with powerful motors in increase the air flow as well as heavy duty filters to filter through the dust particular so they do not become airborne. Which in turn, this will provide a pleasant and also improves safety on the jobsite or in an office environment.  In occupied buildings we also use an air scrubber in additional to our dust collectors to assist in removing more of the airborne dust particulates.