Carpet CleaningLobby and office flooring experience a great deal of wear and tear. Corporate SteamX can restore your surface to the original appearance, free from stains, scuffs and scratches!

Surfaces include Concrete, VCT, Carpet, Wood, Marble, Rubber, Granite and more!

  • Marble, Granite, any natural or man made stone (cleaned & polished)
  • Concrete (cleaned, stained & sealed)
  • VCT (cleaned, strip, sealed & waxed)
  • Carpet (cleaned, scotch guard / Teflon)
  • Ceramic & Grout (cleaned & sealed)
  • Wood (cleaning & polishing)
  • Area Rugs (cleaned, scotch guard / Teflon)
  • Computer Floors (cleaned & polished)
  • All rubber flooring (cleaned & sealed)

Tile CleaningConservation

As you all well know, we are now getting some rain, however in an effort to conserve water we can offer several other methods of cleaning in your facility as interim cleaning to hot water extraction. All of the cleaning methods would be at little to no additional cost to you.

  • Low moisture
  • Encapsulation
  • Dry cleaning
  • Truck Mounts

Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction has been noted as the best method of cleaning by the IICRC. This method requires very little water usage, but we want to make sure we are doing our part and offering all facets of cleaning that can be done in your facility.

All of these cleaning methods would also fall into the GREEN cleaning services.