Corporate SteamX Inc. is a leader in the moisture emission control business. We have assisting our clients with moisture control and vapor reduction projects for many years. We have study and work with several different products that are on the market that resolve moisture issues. We are certified and trained in many different products and application now on the market. Floor covering systems that could fail due to moisture issues on the sub straight are sheet or rolled vinyl, VCT, vinyl backed carpets and epoxy or polyurethane coatings due to vapor emission from concrete are a problem in throughout the United States. We can work with you or your client to assist with a complete comprehensive answer to any moisture control issues or alkaline problem you may have, which will allow the flooring system and assist the contractor to install virtually any type of floor covering available.

Because of the product that we use they have become leaders in moisture vapor emission control. When we apply and use our certified installers and topped with cement based concrete topping treatments they are warranted against water vapor transmission and alkalinity for 15-years and which also would include the costs of products and labor to solve the problem but also the cost of the finished floor. With our team and the products, we can guarantee you the outcome of your flooring finish on any flooring system which would also include stained concrete or just polished.

Are team is certified by leading manufacturers in the moisture emission control industry!